Lara (mayuyu) wrote,

New Trade Log

jeahyun traded their girlsday02, girlsday11, girlday13 for my mv-warrior01, mv-warrior03, mv-warrior05 (3)
melinda traded their naeun08, jisook08 + membercard for my mv-whatshappenng01, mv-whatshappening03 + membercard (3)
maddy traded their mv-wolf02 for my l03 (1)

jessica traded their bomi02 + memebercard for my orangecaramel19 + membercard (2)
haleyrenee traded their naeun07 for my ken02 (1)
vaini traded their naeun16 for my minah01 (1)
cassidy traded their mv-expectation10, mv-step05 + memebercard for my juniel07, juniel08 + membercard (3)

28-12-13 (5)
alison traded their mv-dontforgetme01, sojin02 + memebercard for my dongwan01, mv-hateyou15 + membercard (3)
jihee traded their mv-wolf01 + memebercard for my tao04 + membercard (2)

27-12-13 (4)
alison traded their mv-wolf07 + memebercard for my kyungri01 + membercard (2)
tanya traded their girlsday04 + memebercard for my soyu01 + membercard (2)

26-12-13 (7)
angie traded their mv-step03 for my seungyeon18 (1)
gwiboon traded their lizzy11 for my mv-mymy14 (1)
jettie traded their seohyun01 + membercard for my photo-nameis4minute13 + membercard (2)
emily traded their mv-step01 for my infinite06 (1)
mollie traded their photo-lupin12 + membercard for my photo-ohboy02 + membercard (2)

25-12-13 (2)
tanya traded their mv-step13 for my lizzy06 (2)

24-12-13 (11)
oana traded their joon17 + memercard for my jaehyo07 + membercard (2)
yesulsungdae traded their kara05 + membercard for my hyorin01 + membercard (2)
byul traded their photo-gentlemen20 for my mv-twinkle15 (1)
haleyrenee traded their photo-porcelain05 for my yoona05 (1)
krissasaur traded their mv-expectation08, juniel07, special-sicaboobs09, photo-gentlemen18, photo-lupin02 for my mv-thislove02, mv-thislove12, mv-thislove14, mv-babygoodnight11, donghae01 (5)

23-12-13 (1)
haleyrenee traded their jisook02, jisook19 for my ken08, ken20 (2)

22-12-13 (14)
cross traded their victoria02, juniel01 for my photo-boylondon08, photo-boylondon13 (2)
jordan traded their 4minute08, mv-step11, iu02 for my boa11, boa12, key18 (3)
show traded their mv-step12, seohyun04, kara07 for my jonghyun05, jonghyun18, mv-breakdown13 (3)
lala traded their mv-expectation15, kara17, photo-porcelain15 + membercard for my photo-melting06, iu03, iu02 + membercard (4)
angie traded their tao04 for my naeun05 (1)
amber traded their sojin20 for my cnu11 (1)
Tags: !heartchu
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